“Eric Clapton Tribute”, 23.5ct Gold Leafed Stratocaster. Gilding the body.

The gold from the first day’s gilding is now securely fixed, and I can move on to the next area. I’ve broken the rest of the job down into four, daily stages – and so should be able to complete most of the body within a working week…

“Eric Clapton Tribute” 23.5ct** Gold Leafed Stratocaster. Laying the first gold.

This is my first attempt at oil gilding for a while. The theory is strong – but technique needs to be built upon. Still – you have to start somewhere. I need to break the gilding job down into easy to manage sections. I can make my first attempts around the horn cutaways. That way, I can get to grips with the medium before comitting to the main faces of the guitar body.

“Eric Clapton Tribute”, 24ct Gold Leafed Stratocaster. Base coating.

Building up the base coat for the EC Tribute Stratocaster might seem, at first look, to be a relatively simple step in the overall process. but there’s a lot at stake here. The gold leaf is so thin that any faults or uneveness in the base coats can telegraph through. Much of the eventual “character” of the finish is established at this stage. It’s a simple step which takes time to get right.