Jimmy Page Tribute “Dragoncaster”. Polishing the body & installing the bridge.

There have been other things to keep me busy in Garageland. The clear nitro lacquer on “Dragoncaster” body has been curing for more than a couple of months now, but it’s a lengthy job, and I wanted to be able to clear a few, consecutive days to spend time getting a good, liquid shine to the finish. With a suitable gap in the schedule coming up – it’s time to crack on.

New Project – Fender “57” Precision Bass 1996 MIJ. Upgrade and Refit.

As readers of this blog may know – my favourite bass is a 1993, G&L, Legacy LB-100. But my other bass is a 1996, MIJ Fender Precision Bass. My recent bass speaker enclosure project has reawoken a desire to experiment with a kind of 50’s/60’s Fender tone, and the old MIJ has been much underutilised lately. Looks to me like a promising refurb project..

12″ Ported Bass Cabinet. Fitting the speaker baffle. Finishing and test.

The bass cabinet project is nearing completion. The whole idea was to try and provide a kind of “domestic” setup to provide an “acceptable” level of real tube driven bass. The practicalities of the project mean that I won’t actually be able to assess the sonic capabilities of the cabinet, until the very end. Meanwhile – there’s no going back on any of the design decisions, or construction now.

12″ Ported Bass Cabinet. Cutting and preparing the front baffle.

Time to revisit the small bass cabinet I’ve been working on. I’ve basically been waiting for the speaker to arrive. I’ve also had the chance to source the grille cloth, trim and port tubes to finish the build. Now I have the speaker and port tubes – I can plan out and cut the openings in the front baffle. It’s probably the most critical part of the build, in terms of accuracy. It’s the first time I’ve done any of this kind of thing. There may be tears before bedtime…

The Ash Stratocaster – Stringing and setup after upgrade. Floating the tremolo.

With all the modifications in place, I can now restring the guitar, and make any necessary tweaks to the setup. The new setup is, ideally, going to unstop the tremolo again. That could make things interesting – but since it’s something I’ll have to do for the Black Strat too, I need to get acquainted with the theory and practice of properly floating a Stratocaster tremolo.