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Olympic White Jaguar. Finished specification.

The Jaguar brought a new set of challenges. Nitro finishing, a fiddly wiring job and a bit of shimming to compensate for a higher bridge. The winter months have meant that the workshop is uncomfortably cold to work in – so the final finishing has been mostly done in the warmth of the kitchen. Over the last month or so, I’ve managed to finish both the Jaguar and the Strummercaster. Time to step back and have a look at what’s been achieved.

Fitting the Jaguar pickups.

As with most projects, all the individual elements build one on another – each relying on the quality and accuracy of the previous steps. So fitting the pickups feels a little bit like putting the pinnacle on a house of cards. Here’s hoping all my preparation leads to an easy installation.

Jaguar wiring – Day Two. Installing the circuit wiring.

I have a copy of an original, hand-drawn, Fender wiring diagram I found on the web. It’s dated 7th August 1962. That’s exactly the same week I was born, (and the same week Marylin Monroe passed). As I’ve mentioned before in previous posts – to me, the Jaguar design totally encapsulates that era. Rockets, chrome, conical bras, spacemen, surfboards, cars with fins. You can see it all in the lines of a Fender Jaguar. And it’s one of the reasons I embarked on this whole project to begin with.