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Jimmy Page Tribute “Dragoncaster”. Finishing and fitting the neck.

The tinted nitro finish on the Dragoncaster neck has now had plenty of time to cure properly. I’ve been waiting to fit the neck, so I can push on with fitting the guitar out, but my current ocular situation means I can’t really deal with much detail work. I can’t just sit here though. Stuff to do. If I stick to well-tested technique, and work close up with good lighting, I should be able to push on without sweating on the detail too much.

Jimmy Page Tribute “Dragoncaster”. Sourcing and prepping a suitable neck.

The International CITES regulations, regarding the import and export of various hardwoods, have been with us for a while now – but the knock-on effects are now, quite apparent. Finding a 1959 style, rosewood, slab fingerboard neck for the Jimmy Page Tribute, “Dragoncaster” project has proved a difficult task.

Jimmy Page Tribute “Dragoncaster”. Polishing the body & installing the bridge.

There have been other things to keep me busy in Garageland. The clear nitro lacquer on “Dragoncaster” body has been curing for more than a couple of months now, but it’s a lengthy job, and I wanted to be able to clear a few, consecutive days to spend time getting a good, liquid shine to the finish. With a suitable gap in the schedule coming up – it’s time to crack on.

Jimmy Page “Dragoncaster”. I think I just worked out how to do the scratchplate.

I’ve just taken a break for a couple of weeks. But even then – I can never really take my mind off my various projects. It’s funny, sometimes, how solutions to problems often present themselves when you least expect. The other day, I just happened to come across a TV programme about vinyl wrapping supercars. Nothing at all to do with Telecaster scratchplates.

Hang on a minute…

The “Dragoncaster”. Second attempt at a scratchplate. And a possible finish?

I’ve done some running repairs to the “Dragoncaster” scratchplate template. I’ve also had a chance to offer it up against the body – to try and get the neck pocket deviation sorted out, and straightened up. With lessons learned from my first attempt at cutting my own scratchplate – I’m keen to see if I can improve my technique. I’ve also researched and sourced a possible candidate material for the scratchplate finish.

The “Dragoncaster”. Cutting my very first scratchplate. Lessons to learn.

With my newly completed template for a scratchplate – I just have to try it out. I’m sure there are plenty of mistakes to make, and lots to learn – in terms of both process and technique. I need to be able to try a few different finish techniques as well, to get the “diffraction grating” effect Page achieved on the original. I might as well try to make a few, unfinished versions of a scratchplate – learn what I can – and make my mistakes and experiments on those. I have a piece of 3mm polycarbonate kicking around the workshop, from a previous framing job. It won’t matter if I mess things up.