12″ Tweed Extension Cabinet. Basic cabinet construction.

It's woodwork week at Garageland. While I've got the router set up for the bass cabinet project - I might as well get both of the basic constructions underway, while I have the necessary tools out. This will follow much the same procedure as the ported bass cabinet - but with addition of a couple of small, extra panels on the front face. I've also had to make some changes to the intended design - so it will now end up as a much simpler, open backed enclosure.

Tweed Extension Cabinet. (Waste not, want not).

I finally got around to having the plywood cut for the 12" ported bass enclosure project. I eventually found a local wood yard who were more than happy to work from my drawings, and cut the sheets I needed to a high enough accuracy. However - I still had to buy a full sheet of plywood - which means I had more than enough to provide two enclosures. Rather than make two cabinets exactly the same - I thought it might be an ideal opportunity to have a look at building an extension cabinet for my FBJ. Waste not, want not.