Category: 1×12″ Ported Bass Speaker Cabinet

12″ Ported Bass Cabinet. Fitting the speaker baffle. Finishing and test.

The bass cabinet project is nearing completion. The whole idea was to try and provide a kind of “domestic” setup to provide an “acceptable” level of real tube driven bass. The practicalities of the project mean that I won’t actually be able to assess the sonic capabilities of the cabinet, until the very end. Meanwhile – there’s no going back on any of the design decisions, or construction now.

12″ Ported Bass Cabinet. Cutting and preparing the front baffle.

Time to revisit the small bass cabinet I’ve been working on. I’ve basically been waiting for the speaker to arrive. I’ve also had the chance to source the grille cloth, trim and port tubes to finish the build. Now I have the speaker and port tubes – I can plan out and cut the openings in the front baffle. It’s probably the most critical part of the build, in terms of accuracy. It’s the first time I’ve done any of this kind of thing. There may be tears before bedtime…

12″ Ported Bass Cabinet. Rear panel and sound deadening foam.

To finish the Tolex covering – I need to complete the job on the back panel. This panel will need periodic removal – so I need to take a bit of care not to gum everything up with contact adhesive. Once the basic enclosure is complete – I can fit it out with acoustic “egg box” foam, to muffle any internal sound reflection. The end result should be a sturdy, air tight and acoustically neutral enclosure – ready for the furnishing and fitting of the front baffle, speaker and ports.

12″ Ported Bass Cabinet. Tolex covering, and fixture fitting.

The basic cabinet construction is ready for fitting out. The baffle, with its’ separate covering, speaker and port installation, will be a project all on its’ own. For now, I have to make cut-outs in the carcass to accommodate the handles and speaker jack socket. Then, the cabinet will get covered in Tolex. I haven’t done anything like this before – so I’m going mostly on instinct, although I’ve searched for a few tips by watching a few hours of YouTube instructional videos. What could possibly go wrong?

12″ Ported Bass Cabinet. Planning, drawing and adapting a Celestion design.

I’m new to making my own speaker enclosures – and the more I read up, the more I discover that it’s not, necessarily, an easy subject to dive into unprepared. There’s a lot of technical information to absorb. A lot of individual performance specifications and a whole load of mathematical formulas to work through and consider. It’s not just as simple as keeping it “small and punchy”, or making it nice to look at.