New Project. Fender “Classic ’50’s” Stratocaster (2003 MIM).

It doesn’t always go according to any particular plan. Sometimes, a new project just presents itself. With my recent gold leafed Strat throwing up as many questions as it has answers, I recently bought a second hand Stratocaster body, with the intention of using it as an, ultimately disposable, low-risk candidate for some further experiments in gilding. But perhaps it’s just too good for that…

“Eric Clapton Tribute”, 23.5ct Gold Leafed Stratocaster. Neck, and hardware installation.

With the body complete. and with the finish well protected, I can move on to fit most of the hardware for the build. Whilst my current cataract situation means that fiddly detail work and soldering is well beyond current, (safe), capabilities – I can still move this build along a little more, before I’ll have to store it away for completion later on in the year.

“Eric Clapton Tribute”, 23.5ct Gold Leafed Stratocaster. Finishing the body.

In theory – there should be no need to protect the gold leaf, since 23.5 ct, (98%) gold shouldn’t tarnish. However – a guitar body gets a fair bit of wear and tear, so I want to put at least some kind of fine lacquer coat over the gold to protect from scratches, and to reduce the risk of the gold wearing off due to repeated rubbing. The problem is, any kind of coating will probably reduce the “fire” of the gold. Easy does it!

Jimmy Page Tribute “Dragoncaster”. Finishing and fitting the neck.

The tinted nitro finish on the Dragoncaster neck has now had plenty of time to cure properly. I’ve been waiting to fit the neck, so I can push on with fitting the guitar out, but my current ocular situation means I can’t really deal with much detail work. I can’t just sit here though. Stuff to do. If I stick to well-tested technique, and work close up with good lighting, I should be able to push on without sweating on the detail too much.

Houston, we have a problem…

I’ve been a visual artist for most of my working life, and as such, I’ve probably taken my sight for granted. However, I’ve recently been reminded of just how much I rely on good vision, and on good eye health. I’d noticed my eyes weren’t quite as reliable as they used to be – but recently things have been going rapidly downhill…