New Project. Tweed “Champ” 5F1 Valve Amplifier

So while I’m at it, I might as well keep planning projects for the coming year. Having always been a little daunted by all things electrical, I’ve never even considered building my own amplifier before. However, getting to grips with simple guitar wiring has given me a bit of confidence.

New project. Neil Young, “Old Black” Replica.

Since progress on projects is a bit limited at the moment, due to my eye problems – I’m left “spinning my wheels” a bit. Normally, at this time of year, I’m starting to plan projects for the upcoming months. Whilst I might not be able to start work on anything just yet – it sure as hell shouldn’t stop me planning…

Houston, we have a problem…

I’ve been a visual artist for most of my working life, and as such, I’ve probably taken my sight for granted. However, I’ve recently been reminded of just how much I rely on good vision, and on good eye health. I’d noticed my eyes weren’t quite as reliable as they used to be – but recently things have been going rapidly downhill…

“Eric Clapton Tribute” 23.5ct** Gold Leafed Stratocaster. Laying the first gold.

This is my first attempt at oil gilding for a while. The theory is strong – but technique needs to be built upon. Still – you have to start somewhere. I need to break the gilding job down into easy to manage sections. I can make my first attempts around the horn cutaways. That way, I can get to grips with the medium before comitting to the main faces of the guitar body.

“Eric Clapton Tribute”, 24ct Gold Leafed Stratocaster. Base coating.

Building up the base coat for the EC Tribute Stratocaster might seem, at first look, to be a relatively simple step in the overall process. but there’s a lot at stake here. The gold leaf is so thin that any faults or uneveness in the base coats can telegraph through. Much of the eventual “character” of the finish is established at this stage. It’s a simple step which takes time to get right.