“Eric Clapton Tribute”, 24ct Gold Leafed Stratocaster. Prepping the body.

The body and neck for the, EC inspired, gold leafed Stratocaste have arrived. I need to see how they marry up, and look to making a start on prepping the body. As well as sealing the wood, ready for gilding – I need to work out how to mount the Mid Range Boost circuitry within the standard Stratocaster configuration.

Jimmy Page Tribute “Dragoncaster”. Sourcing and prepping a suitable neck.

The International CITES regulations, regarding the import and export of various hardwoods, have been with us for a while now – but the knock-on effects are now, quite apparent. Finding a 1959 style, rosewood, slab fingerboard neck for the Jimmy Page Tribute, “Dragoncaster” project has proved a difficult task.

New project. “Eric Clapton Tribute”, 24ct Gold Leafed Stratocaster

I was pleased with the “Black Strat” build earlier this year, and I’ve been looking for a new project in a similar vein. Since I studied gilding a few years back – this gold leafed Stratocaster presented itself as an obvious challenge. Along with the “Black Strat” the original, Eric Clapton comissioned, Gold Stratocaster realised one of the top 10 prices for guitars at auction. There’s a theme developing…