The perfect Jaguar setup? Part one. Appreciating the design, and architecture.

Comparing the various Jaguar bridge options got me thinking. I just couldn't work out what that Fender Tune-o-matic bridge was trying to achieve. Since I plan to have a few offsets to set up over the next few months, I need to work out how to solve some of the technical differences which make Stratocasters and Jaguars so, apparently, different. I began to realise, I'd have to look at things in a different way...

Fender offset bridge options – A tale of three bridges

With two new offset projects, and an existing Jaguar build to upgrade - I need to make a few choices. I've collected a few different bridge options over the past few months. Now might be a good time to go through the options, and work out which bridge might best suit each build.

Jimmy Page “Dragoncaster”. Upgrading to a Fender neck.

Earlier on this year, I finished off my "Dragoncaster" with a HOSCO neck. This was always a compromise. Due to the CITES restrictions then in place, I didn't have much of a choice when it came to vintage style, rosewood boarded necks. Fortunately, the CITES restrictions have recently been amended, and I have a chance to upgrade to something much more suitable.

Gold leafed Hardtail Stratocaster. Quick Update. Protective clearcoat.

The imitation gold on my Hardtail Stratocaster will begin to oxidise and discolour unless it gets a protective lacquer coat. This won't take long...

New Project. Custom built Fender Jaguar USA

I regularly modify previous builds in order to learn more about how they work, and to try and improve on my original results. I'm always in search of the best quality instrument I can put together. Unfortunately, the situation with my eyesight is making some of the processes more difficult. Maybe it's time to leave some of it to the experts, for a change.

Gold leafed Hardtail Stratocaster. Gilding with imitation leaf. Part 3

It doesn't look like I'll need to do much faulting - so I'm hopeful that this will be the final step in applying the imitation leaf. The face of the guitar is usually the most visible - so leaving it until last, gives me the best chance to hone my technique.

Gold leafed Hardtail Stratocaster. Gilding with imitation leaf. Part 2

Day two of my gilding project. Now that the edges are done - I'll be working on each flat surface of the body, in turn. This makes the process even easier - but these are still quite sizeable areas to deal with in one go. This time - I have to find a good way of dealing with those string grommets too.

Gold leafed Hardtail Stratocaster. Gilding with imitation leaf. Part 1

The process of gilding with imitation gold leaf is very similar to that of gilding with real gold leaf. However, the imitation leaf is much easier to handle. Consequently - the application technique is a little easier to get right, and covering a whole guitar body doesn't take quite as long.

New project. Kurt Cobain “Jag-Stang”

I'm always looking for a new project to pour myself into. Having recently got my "62" Jaguar out of it's case for the first time in a while - I've recently had an urge to get a bit more involved with offset body guitars again. I always like to find opportunities to research and build my own versions of various, iconic, instruments. This looks like a perfect opportunity.

Gold leafed Hardtail Stratocaster. Extra prep before gilding.

A really good gilding job is impossible without really good preparation first. Having already given the Hardtail body a smooth, toning basecoat and a gilt varnish undercoat - there are a couple of extra bits of prep which should help when it comes to applying the metal leaf.